Midland Junior Baseball Association




  • What are the ages for T-Ball?

    • T-ball is for boys and girls ages 4-6.
    • Does T-Ball adhere to the same league boundaries as Little League?

      • No. T-Ball is city-wide and not subject to league boundaries.
    • May we register a complete T-Ball team?

      • You may put together your own team and bring the complete team to registration.  Complete teams (or "buddy" teams) work best if the team already has a coach, although a coach is not required.
    • When and where will games be played?

      •     TBD

    • When and where will we practice?

      • Practice times and locations are determined by the coach.
    • Can I coach? 

      • Absolutely. There are over 500 kids playing Tball so we need all of the volunteers that we can get.
    • Are uniforms provided?

      • The league provides each player with a jersey and a cap.  Pants, shoes, belt, glove, socks, etc. are at the player's expense.
    • Do the kids receive trophies?

      • Participation trophies/medals are provided to each player.
    • Is T-Ball played in the Fall?

      • Definitely. Check the website for registration details.


    Little League


    • What are the ages for Little League baseball?
      • Little League is for kids 7-12. Included leagues are Coach Pitch, Texas League, American League, and National League.
    • Could you describe the different leagues?

      • National League - Most competitive league with practices nearly every evening. This league also has minimum player substitutions (teams bat the lineup not the roster) once league play begins and during the city tournament. Mainly consists of 11 and 12 year olds. This league is primarily based on skill level.
      • American League - Less competitive league than National with fewer practices. In this league 12 year olds are not allowed to pitch and the entire roster bats every game. Mainly consists of 10, 11, and 12 year olds.
      • Texas League - First league where kids pitch. Mainly consists of 8 and 9 year olds.
      • Coach Pitch - First step of Little League baseball where coaches pitch to their own team. Mainly consists of 7and 8 year olds.
    • Which Little League will my child play in?


    Junior/Senior League

    • This league is for kids ages 13 – 16 and is structured city-wide and is not subject to Little League boundaries.
      • Games are played at Hogan Park during the months of April and May.
      • Signups are the same time as Little League and T-Ball.
      • Teams from surrounding areas such as Greenwood and Stanton have played in this league.